May 10, 2013
Penguin 2.0: The Real Dirt Google Doesn't Want You To Know

Twitter and the SEO forums have been abuzz the last few days with the impending apocalypse¬†known as Penguin 2.0. Matt Cutts has been almost giddy with how brutal this one is going to be, I found myself wondering if he was wearing adult diapers to handle any¬†embarrassing accidents caused by anticipation of the coming onslaught. […]

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October 11, 2012
Extending The Olive Branch...

So my buddy Mitch is a fucking badass and told me he was going to try to find Rand a dog snuggie as a gift during SEO rockstar greet and grope he was attending. Unfortunately, the dog snuggie google SERPs didn't bring back any quality results and 40 minutes of calling around to local big […]

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