November 1, 2012
Why Guest Blogging Fucking Blows

Ya, that's a serious post title. Because internet is serious business. How serious? This serious. That's some next level Skynet shit right there. And to protect such a lucrative environment, the big G leaves no stone unturned when rooting out undesirables like carders, fraudsters, black hat SEOs and Romney supporters...joking on the last one but […]

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May 17, 2012
Scrapebox Spammers: You're Doing It Wrong

That's right, you are. But first, a badass Warning graphic because quality content isn't just about flowery prose and keyword stuffing anymore. WARNING: THIS POST IS GOING TO PISS OFF A LOT OF "SEOs"!!! And I'm alright with that. Because you idiots are pissing me off with your constant mis-use of one of greatest SEO […]

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April 11, 2012
Rand, I'm The Guy Who Ranked You For Snuggie Dog Bed...

Alternate Title: How You SEOMoz/Google + Guys Are Failboating Hard With Your SEO "Analysis" Of The Situation In an attempt to cover my tracks from prying webmaster eyes after winning a public SEO contest on Wickedfire, I 301'd my domain to seoMOZ thinking it would be a funny blog post later. LOL at me. Rand […]

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