In fact, I’ve barely been working. Went to the mountains for 5 days. No phone. No computer. No spinning penis gifs. Was pretty glorious. Suggest people try unplugging more often, hitting the reset button is pretty good for the soul. /touchyfeelybullshit

Yeah, so the daily rundown. That was boring as hell. Only made it one day. On this site. I started the same day in a niche I actually like. Ok, it’s weed. I like to talk about weed. I don’t even smoke it but it’s a fun ass niche because of all the lulzy linkbait memes, it’s shit hot right in the news now, and stoner jokes never get old. So the weed niche site, pretty fun to curate content, share jokes, etc. Set it all up with the SNAP plugin, take a bit of time to do the social media crystal charging (following/liking/pinning/kfc greased reach around/etc) and suddenly traction grabs hold and you start getting interacted with by the established authority presences in the niche.

I was going to make some fun screenshots and shit but really, this is just a long winded “I’m not doing the daily rundown bullshit on this site anymore” post with a couple affiliate links for Curation Suite stuffed into it, so I’m not going to bother. What’s Curation Suite, you ask? Only the single best content curation solution available.

It allows you do stuff like this in only a couple clicks. There’s probably some buggy ass CSS with this theme that doesn’t allow me to get padding around the embedded thumbnail but I’m too lazy to fix it right now.

Website architecture has been a focus for SEOs for a long time now, but over the past few years, it’s become even more important. That’s because architecture is the foundation of the entire website. It affects both how visitors interact with your site and whether or not search engines are properly able to analyze your optimized content.

But website architecture shouldn’t just be a concern for SEOs. It should be a concern for website developers, as well. Whenever we hear someone is designing a new website, we are quick to recommend that they build a strong, search-engine-friendly website right from the start, even if they don’t immediately hire an SEO. Failure to do so can cause problems that will hamper SEO efforts, ultimately leading to higher development costs to fix the problems.

Pretty simple really, curate some content from the movers and shakers in your industry, make sure you tweet at em or poke em on LinkedIn or w/e social behavior you’re comfortable with and boom, instant linkbacks, instant quality (and varied….not like linking out to wikipedia from all your PBN and GSA posts ehh?) outbound links to authority presences in your markets, and most importantly, engagement. Don’t try to get Rand to talk to you though, no matter how many times you congratulate his sick ass stache.

OK, we clear? This project here is done. Nothing more to see here. You’re going to click this link and might as well add a Listening Engine too, pretty sure I get paid on that as well.

What’s next for this blog? Probably nothing. I’m gonna go disrupt the stoner niches some more (I meant to build a website…but then I got high….) and work on the SuperGroup Project That Shall Not Be Named. Will post again when I find something worth talking about. Or the urge strikes. Or never. Or tomorrow. Who knows.