Google Update affecting Brand Name Searches On News Sites

By on January 16, 2016
never forget

Logged into skype this morning, got berated for not updating this blog for 6+ months.

Used the excuse that I’d post if I had something worthwhile to post.

You could be updating the masses about last week’s G update affecting brand name searches on news sites, I’m sure inquiring minds wanna know.*

OK, there we have it…something worthy of sharing. Give me the cliffs and I’ll make a post….

I pretty much wrote the grand sum of what I know about it in that sentence.*

That’s ok, that conversation and subsequent post is at least as valuable as anything Barry or this farce contributed on the subject.

Sites like NewYorker, Newsweek, and VanityFair all took a traffic hit on brand related searches.*

Oh cool, we’re really filling this post up with valuable insights now.

Grantland too, allegedly*

Good, fuck those guys. Couldn’t sniff Grantland Rice’s typewriter strap.

That’s it, ladies and germs who are still dumb enough to care about SEO and/or read this pile of tripe. Also, never forget…

never forget

*Source: mont7071 via Skype. You might not know him (if you live under a rock and subsist solely on nutrients derived from eating your own toe jam) but he’s sort of a big deal and I watched him triple his investment in 2 hours yesterday leveraging the failing market so clearly he’s smart enough to 1) realize the truth of Jcash’s wisdom above and 2) be a reputable source of quality info on this Google update. Post comments or you’re Tom Nuttall by choice.

Edit: Apparently mont7071 didn’t realize Grantland was shut down. This breaking news throws the entire veracity of this post into question.


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