Posts That Rank

You have likely seen the numerous guest posts on newspaper and magazine sites are dominating many SERPs, for some amazingly valuable keywords. You might even be competing with them right now.

These are those posts.

This is going to seriously piss off the SEOs that are currently leveraging these tactics but we're leveling the playing field so that you too can take advantage of these powerful ranking posts.

How It Works

We discuss your project, either via e-mail, telegram, or skype.

If it's a good fit, we'll send you an invoice.

Once the invoice is paid and your data submitted, we'll start producing our content in the format we know ranks quickly. Then we'll purchase the guest post from the provider and get the post published.

After publication, we start dropping the links that we know rank these posts fast.

Once your post hits Page 1, our part is done. At that point, you can ride it out, you can build your own links to it or you can purchase some of our other linkbuilding packages to push it up higher on Page 1.

Step 1
Why Do We Discuss Your Project Before You Can Order?
First, we don't want to compete with ourselves. We're not taking any orders for health related topics. Second, not all niches are allowed on these sites. Third, the price of your project will be dependent on the competition.
Step 2
What Should My Expectations Be?
As stated above, you'll get a single post ranking on page 1 for your desired keyword. How high on page 1 and how long it will rank for are variables outside the scope of this page, which is another reason we like to discuss with clients before taking orders.
Failure in business
Step 3
What Happens If My Post Doesn't Rank?
This is outside the realm of acceptable outcomes. If we take your money, your post will rank on page 1. Preventing this possibility is yet another reason to reach out to us and discuss your project. It's easier to say no now than refund you later.
Humankind's Time
Step 4
How Long Does It Take For My Post To Rank?
How long is a piece of string? We've seen them rank Page 1 within 72 hours of publication and dropping links, we've fought them onto Page 1 after a month of linkbuilding. 100% depends on the keyword and the competition.

Why you should make Posts That Rank an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Besides the obvious appeal of being able to rank for some big boy terms that your personal site might not be capable of competing for, there are a few more factors in play that you might have overlooked.
Optimized for speed of ranking
There's no sandbox when you're leveraging a high authority site that Google obviously already loves. Stop thinking with a 60-90-360 day SEO mindset and start earning quicker than you thought possible.
Staying Power
Unless you're in a SERP where there are lots of news sites posts (and if you are, we'll recognize that and not approve your order) leveraging the freshness algorithm, these posts tend to rank for a long period of time, maximizing your return on investment.
Convert Traffic Into Clicks
While our focus on content is match and exceed SEO, it's an obvious fact that rankings without conversions don't matter. We've developed a content system that helps skimmers convert on 1st paragraph and more in depth readers convert further down the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have questions. We'll try to address them here to save us both time later.
How Much Does This Cost?
Our starting package is $1500. More competitive terms that require more backlink investment on our part will be priced higher.
What Niches Are Available?
Easier to list the ones that aren't available: Health (including all supplements and CBD), Casino, Poker, Adult, some Crypto.
Does This Work For Local Ranks?
Yes and No. They definitely rank for local terms but not necessarily on every data center. Proximity of your search term to the publication location is the key to determining if it'll rank where you need it to. Ask us.
Does This Work For International SERPs?
Currently this service is only available for the United States. We're working on expanding our publisher relationships to add new geographic locations.
How Long Does It Take To Rank?
We've seen this hit page one and stick in 72 hours or less. We've fought with them for a month before finally getting them there. 100% depends on the keyword and the competition. Use one of the contact methods on this page to discuss it with us.
How Long Do They Stay Ranking?
Some SERPs are riddled with posts leveraging news sites and the freshness algorithm. These ones get displaced as soon as a new post is published, which is why we won't approve any projects where these tactics are already in play. We want to help you dominate new niches, not jump in the fray with us.

Some of our Posts That Rank have been ranking for 6+ months with no additional link building once we achieved the position we wanted. 100% depends on who else is doing what in your SERP.
Can I Direct Link To Affiliate Offers?
You can but it's a bad idea on your part. These posts can't be edited once published.

Offers die, payouts change. Use a link redirect system you control to maximize your long term profitability.
How Many Links To Offer Are There Per Post?
Depends on the publisher but typically 2-4. We like to create an intro paragraph that sells the product for the skimming impulse buyer, then have an obvious CTA link. We'll add the other available links throughout the content, with one at the end as another CTA.
Does This Work For Amazon Affiliate SEO?
Absolutely. Product + Review SERPS are being dominated with this method. Find yourself a niche that isn't yet and you've got a brand new revenue stream.
Are There Any Bulk Discounts?
Sorry, no. There are real hard costs with these offers. Posts on these sites range from $500-$1000+ just for the publishing fee. Then there's content creation costs and link costs.
Why Are You Selling These?
These tactics have been being used for awhile now. Nothing lasts forever in the Googleverse. We want to scale as quickly as possible while it still works but the hard costs are appreciable and only publishing as fast as our affiliate earnings allow is too slow.

We're approaching it from a 'One for thee and one for me' standpoint, where hopefully every Posts That Rank you purchase funds another one for us and we make our money on the long term affiliate rankings that our enhanced scale allows.
Why Can't I Do This Myself?
You absolutely can. Go research SERPs. Find the contact information. Negotiate a publishing price. Create content that will rank. Now buy/build links that will help it rank. You won't get it right the first time...or maybe ever. But you'll be doing it yourself.

Or you could just buy it from us and leverage our knowledge and experience and start getting traffic quickly.
What Now?
Reach out via one of the communication methods below and let's see if your project is a good fit. If it is, great. We'll get rocking.

If it's not, I'm sure we can suggest some alternate ideas to get you ranking and earning.

Ready To Get Started?

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