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Unlike most SEO agencies, we won't waste your time (And Money!) with pretty reports and fluffy audits. We focus 100% on actionable SEO tactics that move the needle where it the SERPs!
Guest Posts
Boring but effective, Guest Posts are the defacto 'white hat' link building method. Guest posts on high authority domains continues to be the SEO gold standard.
Niche Edits
Not as well known as Guest Posts but arguably more effective, Niche Edits are an increasingly effective way to leverage relevance & authority.
Not sure what you need to progress? Book some time and take advantage of our 17 years in the SEO trenches. We love teaching Agencies new tactics. Affiliates, not so much.

Let Us Level Up Your SEO

We provide top-tier quality white hat links to agencies and select publishers. If you need good links, you're at the right place.

We've been helping agencies and publishers achieve fantastic rankings with powerful links for a long time and we'd love to welcome you to the team.

Power & Authority
DR40 to DR85 links to power up your rankings faster than you ever thought possible.
Links from relevant pages matter more. Full stop. Every placement is relevant.
Anchor Text
We've figured out the perfect anchor text system for fast results & no chance of a penalty.
Quick Turnaround Time
SEO takes time so we place your links as fast as possible to maximize Google response time.

What others are saying about us

You know by now that we love to talk about ourselves but let's take a break from that noise to hear what some of our satisfied clients think about our work.
  • Tyler Perez
    "Link building can be incredibly tricky, time consuming and when done wrong, harmful. I've had nothing but spectacular results from the link building services I've received from Grindstone. I highly recommend & will be purchasing more."
    Lonnie Jones
    "I've tried every outreach service you have ever heard of and none of them moved the needle like Grind's service. He cut through all the BS and only delivers what WORKS! Nothing but green arrows and happy clients! Thanks for making life easy on me."
    Galel Fajardo
    "When it comes to SEO for any size business, there's only one person whose team I trust - GrindstoneSEO. Over the past 15 years, I've had a front row seat watching Pasha and his team deliver. I recommend GrindstoneSEO to everyone."
  • Tommy Thanassi
    Drive More Dollars
    "Grindstone defines SEO, not the other way around. He zigs when others zag, and that’s why he’s an SEO legend. If you’re looking to leverage his foresights and make bank in the process, click the button on this page right now."


#1 Google Rankings Achieved For Our Clients In 2021
"I am so pleased with this service. I wish I would have found it 3 years ago, producing quality results for our clients has never been easier. I would gladly pay double what we're paying for results like this, although I'm happy to not have to."
Gary Russell
SEO Agency Owner


Average Increase In Page Traffic For Our Clients Since 2019

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