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Agency SEO Consulting

Been getting swamped with seo consulting requests through the contact form, thought I’d save some time by putting the price out here publicly and eliminate some tire kicking.

The rates may seem high, but remember, knowledge derives it’s power from exclusivity.

For those of you who can’t quite grasp this concept, there are always $7 e-books that will deliver all your dreams of internet millions one snazzy headline and sales trigger at a time.

Free Advice
For The Cheapskate
Get What You Pay For
I mean, it is free. Hard to say you're not getting value.
Actionable Advice
Probably. If you can wade through enough CSS posts.
Extensive Testing Data
No but lots of links to peoples blogs, probably.
Click Here Good Luck Bro
SEO Consulting
For Agencies & Publishers
Get What You Pay For
Our consulting clients routinely tell us best value they've spent on SEO education.
Actionable Advice
Well, we're not going to be discussing the weather...
Extensive Testing Data
Absolutely. We test everything we use and teach.
30 Minute Minimum
It's not worth either of our time to do any shorter than this. Most of our sessions are 1-3 hours.
Affiliate Consulting
Sorry but we have no desire to teach our competition.
Book Your Hours Today
General Tomfoolery
And Other Shenanigans
Get What You Pay For
It's free if you're not committed to success.
Actionable Advice
Probably not on topics you want to learn about though.
Extensive Testing Data
No but lots of redirects to dubious porn sites.
Careful Clicking Links

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