Extending The Olive Branch...

October 11, 2012

So my buddy Mitch is a fucking badass and told me he was going to try to find Rand a dog snuggie as a gift during SEO rockstar greet and grope he was attending. Unfortunately, the dog snuggie google SERPs didn't bring back any quality results and 40 minutes of calling around to local big box stores (on his bosses dime, probably) didn't deliver the goods. So he improvised...

Nice beards, ladies!!!

Needless to say, Rand was a really good sport about it and even posed for a second photo with him, although I'm not sure if he was confused to exactly what type of photo he was posing for or if he is just super excitable.

Either way, kudos to Rand for playing along and big ups to Mitch for having cajones the size of cantelopes, most internet dwelling neckbearded (I'm kidding, it's a fucking epic beard, don't beat up anybody on a bus) denizens won't control their assburgers long enough to even order pizza, let alone go shake the flesh and troll real life SEO super heros. To the both of you, if ever we shall meet IRL, the drinks are on me. Unless you order something that comes with an umbrella and a cherry...

Mitch, where is your other hand?

Now I just need to go train for a marathon (who the fuck am I kidding, maybe some sled sprints/burpee/pullup HIT but no long slogs here) with Mr. Cutts and all will be right in the universe.

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