Scrapebox Spammers: You’re Doing It Wrong

That’s right, you are. But first, a badass Warning graphic because quality content isn’t just about flowery prose and keyword stuffing anymore.


And I’m alright with that. Because you idiots are pissing me off with your constant mis-use of one of greatest SEO tools ever made. And possibly more important than ending up on my shit list, you’ve become the lowest common denominator of link spammer…maybe.

photochop courtesy of blokblok

The credit card dump and camwhore forum posting xrumer guys deserve a special spot in internet hell too, but I’m sure more than one happy union has grown from those links being dropped, while your hitting every page on a wordpress install with the same poorly spun comment + link drop truly creates nothing of value.

Even worse, it appears (and truly is) completely amatuer. You’re the egg on the face of the automation SEO community. And it’s past time to stop. If I end up outing you or your lame ass SEO tactics with this post, too bad. You should be more careful who you comment spam.

Because I care, I’ll assume it’s not simply abject stupidity that led you down this road but said lack of cognitive intellect combined with a lack of proper instruction. What’s that? Speak engrish? Big words hurt head? Fine…I’ll dumb it down for you.


And possibly improve your rankings while I’m at it. But I’ll probably berate you some more first..

Let me backtrack a bit first though, as I can already hear some of my readers:

Grind, wtf with the holier than thou bullshit stance? I know you dropped more scrapebox comment links than Dead Heads (and phish heads too) dropped acid, why you fronting?

Full disclosure mode: You’re right. I did. Mega volume link drops. Back in 2009. When it worked…when it worked well at least.

And I only brute forced comment drops (what you tards are doing when you try to drop the same shitty content on all indexed pages for a single site) a couple times (and even then, only hit multiple pages on a target site if I was linking to a property tier, blasting your money site out to every page on a site is just SOFA KING STUPID!) until I realized there had to be a better way. There is. And the fact that some of you haven’t figured it out 3 years later…well, frankly, I’m embarrassed for you, and you’re embarrassing anyone who calls themselves a SEO by continuing to pepetrate this behavior.

Here’s the thing: SEO changes constantly. Google changes the rules on us all the time so the algo can’t be gamed (consistently). So are using techniques that worked well in 2009 and into early 2010 really going to help you in todays SEO landscape? And is irritating every webmaster with a wordpress install on a constant basis going to help ingratiate SEO automation into acceptable practices? Not likely on both counts. One of my shared servers got hit so hard with comment spam that the automated emails wordpress sends out pushed my resource usage above the allocated limit, causing my host to threaten to take me offline. Easy enough fix, disable email notifications on pending comments.

But Grind, why were you getting emails sent anyway?

Because of the inherent stupidity coupled with laziness of many “SEOs”, those comments are gold, when used correctly. I’ll get to that shortly.

First, here’s how NOT to use comment spam:

So we’ve got a bunch of the typical standard fare “oh hai, i love your website the worstest, it’s great, cured my dogs herpes after reading this,” fake compliment + link drop type comments, some horribly spun bullshit, and to top off the spam de jour, a little domain kiting + viagra spam. Screenshot is only missing something about how my website doesn’t display properly or my feed link is brokebacked and we’d have hit the holy spam trinity.

Moving on, remember when I mentioned email notifications? I could accomplish the same thing by logging in and grabbing spam comments manually, but gmail nests them up so nicely, expand all and you’ve got a whole slew of target rich environments at your fingertips. For this example, I just used comments that have shown up on this blog post over the last couple weeks.

Via the red highlighted section above:

Oh wow, 7 results, how impressive!

Fine, let’s check out another comment, one of many from a site that has spammed this blog no less than 40 times since it’s recent inception.

Oh what, you’re a real black hat? You poop 4180 links before breakfast and you need something of substance to tide you over? Need a pallet full of canned spam?

How you like me now? Getting the picture? I found these footprints in the first page of my spam comments. In fact, in the first five I checked, I found more than enough potentially comment spam friendly locations. Sure, you’re going to be sharing those PR0 link drops with 1000 other comments (I’m not that hot at math but 0/1000 doesn’t push the needle much, I’ll take low OBL links all day every day plz) but at least you’re:

  • Not getting blacklisted as a spammer
  • Not getting blogged about by me
  • Getting some link juice, no matter how infinitely miniscule
  • Getting some IP diversity, and if you’re smarter than the idiots in today’s examples, some anchor diversity/dilution as well
  • Not pissing off the entire webmaster community with your poorly executed “black hat” SEO campaign

So what now? You’re feeling properly chastised because I showed the shame in your game and you want to move forward? Great, stay with me.

Option 1: Quit brute forcing link drops. Use the examples I showed above to find comment friendly drops. Filter them by PR and OBL, use the high PR and low OBL ones direct to your money sites, use the other ones to your tier 1 links. Still not what post Penguin SEO calls for, but gawdammit, you’re a scrapebox spammer and you’re not gonna give it up. I understand. Option 1 is better than what you’ve been doing. Kudos for realizing that and moving forward.

What’s that? You’re not sure how to harvest all 3.6 Million results from that last footprint? You already got scrapebox (obviously), you should have some fast ass private proxies, you have the footprint, now you just need something to get you over 1000 results from good old Googs. And that’s keywords. Which ones you say? All of them…find a dictionary list, break it up into chunks (if you care about not reconfiguring your banned proxies constantly), dial in your connections:proxy ratio (not telling, don’t ask, this isn’t some $7 ebook) and get busy. Randomly ran the keywords I already had entered, came up with a few targets.

Rinse and repeat until your thirst for salty meat in a can is quenched.

Option 2: Automate white hat link building.  Use scrapebox not for link spamming (it’s not called SpamBox for a reason, ladies) but for what it truly excels at, finding and sorting massive amounts of data in a short time. What kind of data? All of it…

Seriously though, if you want to rank well right now, you need relevant links from quality sites. Guest blogging is an easy way to do that. So are reciprocal link exchanges (wtf Grind, is it 2006 up in hurr again? Sadly, it appears like it just might be…) with relevant sites. There are a ton of ways you can use scrapebox to help you rank, but being a lazy ass toolbag isn’t one of them. Not anymore. Sorry bros, that ship sailed. Adapt or sink.

Back to guest posts, this isn’t how I’d power scrape these targets but for speed of finishing this fucking War and Peace style epic tome of crap sometime soon, and illustrating my point, it works.

You now have a list of sites that more likely than not will take a guest post (or be amiable to other SEO related outreach) that you can contact via their contact form or email. What? Short on time? Too lazy to visit the sites and fill out the contact form? You could either scrape for contact form pages on those sites (not 100% successful, some will be lightbox) or for quick and dirty data management, just grab the emails from the ones with publicly posted email addresses and send them a quick introduction email regarding your (lack) of qualifications to write a guest post for them.

There you go, 1400 wasted words on how not to be the bottom feeding ass clown of the SEO industry. For the minute few of you who actually listen, kudos. Your ranks will improve, you’ll be less of a nuisance and maybe just possibly, this little exercise in thinking outside the box will open your eyes to more creative methods of using automation in your SEO efforts. For the rest of you, I’ll see you in my SPAM folder.



P.S. Expecting some guru shit here? Looking for the $7 ebook link? Maybe next time. There’s always the seo consulting page until then.

P.S.S Final full disclosure mode: I still use blog comments for SEO purposes. I just don’t use scrapebox, hit wordpress sites (you think after 99.9% of ALN sites being on wordpress, there’s no platform filter? #smh), link drop on moderated sites with generic comments, or use any tools you can buy publicly. This doesn’t make me better than you, just smarter. Adapt or sink, boys. It’s not 2009 anymore.


123 thoughts on “Scrapebox Spammers: You’re Doing It Wrong”

    • Approving and leaving link in hopes that people click thru to your site..I flunked french class in 7th grade so I don’t have a clue as to what it’s about, but the pictures are awesome.



  1. “Merci de partager cet article très bien écrit.”

    Yes, in french also, there are footprints posted with fake mail account.
    French or global accounts (yopmail, 0-mail, jetable [jetable=temporary])…

    As for me, i’m targetting the top 100 pages (pagerank, google position, what else) where a competitor backlink can be found…
    … for the top 50 keywords of my website.
    (it may be 100 x 50 URLs but most are common for many keywords… so it would be 300 to 500 URLs)

    And after having found the 300 to 500 URLs, i have a choice to comment manually or to ask for a link if there is no comment form.

    No more massive spam comment…
    … for my money site.

    • And after having found the 300 to 500 URLs, i have a choice to comment manually or to ask for a link if there is no comment form.

      Or you could provide even more value and see if you can write them some killer unique comment in return for a bio box. Solid plan though, back when pure comment spam would get you on the playing field, and then you needed some authority links to push you from say 15 to top 3, I’d do something very similar but only target sites in the top 30 by various metrics.

      Disclaimer: For all I know, pure comment spam might still work for easy ass shit, I only target niches where the potential for banking hard exists.

  2. hi

    I will follow your words. Yes i will use exactly how i used here. I will not add links in the comment box. I will add links in name. Is this correct method in which i am following.

    • Nope, you failed. Trying to anchor your blog comment with “work from home” on an obviously moderated blog is right in line with my post. Check out the commenter above you, he provided value, used his real name (or at least a name that matched his email) and an email that matched his site. Even to someone as jaded as me when it comes to trying to manipulate link juice, there’s no reason to think it’s spammy. Your’s on the other hand…should have just used your name, got your anchoring elsewhere. You don’t have to get every criteria of a complete backlink profile out of every link (enough on that note, that’s a whole series of blog posts I don’t have time to write), trying to anchor and losing the link is just being a hog.

  3. Hopefully, this post will make some people reflect on how much they suck. When I come accross a nice spot abused by pigs, there are many thoughts going through my mind, and they are all evil…

  4. Yeah, sounds rock’n’roll here ! I had a laugh reading this rant against brainless so-called “SEO”, although spam doesn’t make me happy usually.

    But I may have some even more dumb spammers examples… If you do follow (pun intended) this disabled link (-, you will see God, err- no, screenshots of spammers submitting various spamco under the same IP (short of proxies ?)… A big win 😉

  5. For your next post can you cover buying aged domains and then turning them into a private blog network for niche domination? Or is that frowned upon post-penguin? I’m testing developing niche-related sites with a unique brand attached as well as same geo-location and having some success, i’d like to know your thoughts on geo-location and SEO as its a topic that doesnt get touched on too often.

    Either way grind good post on scrapebox but most of those techniques have been used since scrapebox’s inception whenever that was. I’m sure Rand will enjoy it though, its another method for him to build up his webspam product LULZ.

    • Either way grind good post on scrapebox but most of those techniques have been used since scrapebox’s inception whenever that was.

      Exactly the point I was trying to make (methinks I failed judging on this response) about using techniques so very outdated. And yeah, I realize my “solution” tips are nothing groundbreaking either, just trying to be a catalyst for positive change in the automation SEO community (yes, I’m going to re-brand mislabeled black hat if it kills me).

      I’m not touching any of your other points publicly, why ruin a good thing? 🙂

  6. Good tips, but even better entertainment value. With all of the dry, boring rehash of things out there, I sincerely wish that being the funny, jaded SEO blogger was your passion in life.

  7. Two things for me to remember: “write for us” and “guest post”. For the rest, Google is friendly enough. Liked that you say that you are not better, but smarter. That makes you a fair enough guy.

    Have fun!

    • Bro, I’m going to do you a favor and delete your link. Last thing you need to be connecting to a post on a site the boys in Mountain View love to read is your URL and the fact that you’ve been doing it wrong. Google colonoscopy’s aren’t as much fun as sound.

    • Funnier is though…nice catch. I’m looking for a full time Grammar Nazi intern if you’re available. The pay is shit (the bonus’s are spanktacular though!), the hours long (I make no claims to do anything but disregard conventional spelling and grammar rules) and unless you are the type to cruise random blogs and/or forums looking to point out spelling and grammatical errors, it’ll be rather unrewarding. Let me know…

  8. Bro. loading those dic lists one at a time is such a pain in the ass. any tips? (there’s a joke in there too)

    • heh…that’s not how I do it, but it is a good starting point. When you get sick of it, you’ll develop a better process. Or not.

    • You have been given a load of usefull information but someway i feel you miss the big picture. Tips here might save you hours , days or an eternity ( provided you didnt do them already ) and you stick to the part where you need to load the dic lists.

      Want a PRO tip? Hire a VA and get your work done if you are too lazy or busy to load them your self.

      But either way i am pretty pretty sure SEO’ers around were already concerned about this and since you are so busy to even search i spent 10 seconds of my time to do this for you


      Also Grind? You are a treasure my man. The world always benefits by lunatics of your kind. You just made SEO world a tad better ( i hope )

      Cheers Italos

      • Wow, thanks Italos. I had already moved on from splitting the dic lists. My actual problem is this: I have several dozen dictionary lists. I import one into scrapebox, scrape Google with my footprint across 70 private proxies, then I remove dupes and PR check. Rinse, repeat. This is a tedious process. But thanks again for your 16 line waste of time.

        Now, let me return the favor. I assure you this will not be a waste of time. It might actually be the most valuable thing you undertake this year, given your feeble attempts at communication thus far. ==>

        To Grind: I hereby accept the challenge to develop a better process.

  9. OK I have read two posts now, you get 1 hour of hero status. Good stuff, though i never went scrapebox, i may have to, as with all seo tools if you cant make the money back in a day grab a spatula. Too bad ive retired from the underground world of whatever focking works to the world of “i use only the finest white hat ingredients” to rank your steamy turd of a website on And this means from 9-6 I need to play nice online. While my wife is at home spamming the cam girl porn for us both.

    Real sweet stuff though grindstone, big fat PRnothing blogroll link for your blog.

  10. While i support your civil right to see naked Romanian girls, I hate to have my adult outbound link ruin all these people efforts to get a comment link on this post. On the other hand, these people all have peeenises, computers, credit cards and internet.

    • I hadn’t until that comment. Not sure if I should be proud or offended. Was some lulzworthy reading though, thanks for that.

    • “With the bases laeodd you struck us out with that answer!”

      Only 23k results but it might be worth looking through, the intentional mis-spelling footprint is sometimes gold.

  11. Appreciating the dedication you put into your
    blog and in depth information you offer.
    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  12. Hey Grindstone,

    Do you recommend purchasing Scrapebox if I use it for finding high PR blogs to comment on manually, not to spam?


    • No. Clearly you should use it like all these other dickwads and just spam sites religiously. Good luck bro.

  13. Freakin’ awesome article, bro. Been busy; Had to leave it open in a tab on my desktop six days (two were weekend days – I quit workin’ on weekends)so I could finish it. Favorite part: the star graphic that said “Fucking Jackpot, Bishes!!!”. Still cracks me up. Do some more.

  14. Actually I have been. But G’d my way to your page to see what Im missing out on.

    Good start, definitely finding manual commenting is going to be better than spamming onto a blog with 23,567 comments scrolling down through the earth’s crust. Tend to agree with the fella who says VA is the way to go, forward, when they’re so cheap, once I get rolling.

    And thanks for an entertaining read too man 🙂

    Jus leving coment to say yor sight iz broke.

    • I’m only approving this to say kombucha is fucking gross, bro. I remember the first time this trippy new age yuppie chick gave me some, I gagged it up thru my nose and spit it all over her pimp ass marble and stainless steel kitchen. Needless to say, did not close that one, nor did want to after trying to drink that swill.

      Additionally, I used to work in a mushroom farm as a kid shoveling out the trays of shit they grow in. 8 hour days in the dark with a couple tons of fresh steer shit. Nasty…

      More power to you if you can eat that slimy ass fungi, I’ll just abstain and not reap the rewards of all their suppposed health benefits.

  15. Man you have to start posting more. This post had me rolling dude. The trying to bang a super model analogy with getting a link on the PR 4, classic. Looking forward to some more ridiculous SEOness man. The Rand post is out of control, you’re a beast.

  16. I’d like to know your ideas on Geo-location and SEO as its a subject that doesn’t get moved on too often. Either way smash excellent publish on scrapebox but most of those methods have been used since scrapebox’s beginning whenever that was. I’m sure Rand will appreciate it though, its another means for him to develop up his web-spam product..Thanks

    • LOL, I wasn’t trying to publish anything groundbreaking, rather just wanted to help all the “johnny come lately idiots” who started “SEO” in 2011 and think a scrapebox license plus an senuke subscription makes them a “search engine optimization specialist” be a little less annoying. Considering the amount of drivel sbox comments this post receives, mission un-accomplished.

      Regarding GEO SEO, I’ll write about it…when it quits making me five figures monthly. 😉

  17. Hello i am a spammer and i just wanted to spamm this page here is my link: http: lol nop CHUCK TESTA. But srsly Greate post you just gave me an brilliant idea to get free backlinks Thank YOU 😉 <– this is NOT a fake compliment i mean it! 😛

  18. LOL,
    “we’re a group….”
    Its all true….. but most of these spammers cannot even string together a decent English sentence together, as a result they just pinch them from other places all SPAMBOX does , is allow them to pinch the most popular.

    Interestingly I seem to get a lot of flower arranging comments, but nothing related to porn!! Even with the website name.

  19. Finally someone who knows how to use SB the way it supposed to be used.

    Here is what I dont get; for all the time and energy these guys waste on spamming the Internet and every god damn blog out there (and not getting any results) they could have easily spend half of that time and energy and done things the right way and they would get results.

    But, we are human and we always like the (seemingly) faster and easier way.

  20. Hey Grindstone I really want to get myself my scrapebox present. Does it still work the same? Correct me if I’m wrong but I noticed it came out in 2010?

  21. I heard that baseball caps are a badge of honor. But is it true that you wear one to cover the scarring due to your latest lobotomy? Answers on the back of your head please…

    • Awesome burn bro. I’m truly humbled and will now spend a good 15 seconds thinking up a clever retort that doesn’t resort to a lowest common denominator that involves making fun of your genitalia.


      Fuck it, I’m just gonna sign you up to the NAMBLA newsletter. You win.

  22. Well well well, you’re quite an individual. Thought I’d drop a manual comment here rather than loading up good ol spambox. Love your writing style, at least you tell it real, dawg

  23. I am constantly looking for quality SEO news and this is the most fun piece I have read in ages! I will be coming back for more slagging off! I think Ill be giving some of this clever harvesting a go… Thanks for the advice. Joe

  24. Amazing! I’ve never seen an SEO expert writing so well and so cocky… 2012 – yes – use your brains Scrapeboxers! Thank you, Grindstone – write more often! Cheers, Alex

    • Cocky? This is my toned down politically correct public persona…$37 for a scrapebox course? Should I buy it? What’s the One Time Offer? How many upsells? How are babby made?

  25. I see this crap in my logs all day long. I have SB but the people who just send spam aren’t using it properly. SB is in my mind a research tool not meant for spamming.
    Its pretty easy to spot.
    Its like my Mom she freezes everything. Just because something can be frozen doesn’t mean it should be.
    A hint: WordPress users can mass delete comment spam. Just search. Ive lost the link, but a line in a database search can take care of it in about 2 seconds.
    BTW I did leave this comment for a backlink to a poll for Obama VS Romney. I think its worth it. 🙂 We want comments, but not spammy ones. I’m thinking of making it do follow.

    • I had a hard time approving this comment even though it’s legit. Fucking Obama VS Romney…that’s like picking between a mule kick in the nuts or tattooing an eyeball…nobody wins there man.

  26. I have a similar problem.. my wife says I’m not as funny as I think. Where I get hazy is other people seem to think I’m funny is I think. But I dont know if they’re just being nice. as long as I amuse myself

    • Oh gawd…here’s a helpful tip…quit internet, flip burgers, hook up with the chick running the fry-o-lator. Bonus points and free link list to first person to correctly identify that reference…GO!!!!

  27. As someone who is bombarded by bogus attempts to scrapebomb my blog, I can’t thank you enough for writing this? I want to allow legitimate posters to make comments but it’s a pain to review 100’s of posts a day. Is there a good plugin for WordPress to weed these out? Thanks again, Joe.

    • Use the facebook connect plugin for commenting if you don’t want to deal with buckets of spam. You’ll still get some but it’s way less. I’ve left mine with the default WP commenting system because I’m working on a nice little gift for my readers…and a nasty little treat for people not smart enough to blacklist this site in their lists.

  28. Brilliant, I know I am late to the party

    Nice footprint tip , though not my style…

    I use scrapebox to manually scrape for blogs in niche sub domains. have done really well finding some juicy high PR low obl links in small foriegn countries.

    once unearthed I manually comment and as I only bother with PR3-PR4+
    its not that much work so i dont understand the need to pointlessly blast.
    Plus I do the usual link minig via the box and sometimes I buy lists that have been honeypot checked if the price is cheap…

    If im lazy i send my scrape list ta india for manual commenting..

    Its not going to go away , not while other MF nukers blast T3 with 5000-10000 comments regardless of the effect. I am seeing alot of MS spam which is insane like russian roulette with a pistol ?!

    Same shit happening with Nukers like me .
    Gone are the days of spin and win. Damn shame that….

    The social queers think they are the new , new. meanwhile google want me to play game theory with their evil disavov tool , f…k that..

    Simply because if you asked siri if she was linked to google for the nearest thai restraunt at the moment she’d prolly tell you to visit canadian pharmacy for for cialis! and that shit aint going to work!!!

    SEO grey/black is on Googles shit list..

    next years gonna be a shit fight and really interesting…


  29. Crazy stuff! I’m just learning about SEO. I’ve got lots of competition in my industry and when I look at all of the back links some of them have, I wonder how I’ll ever get caught up! I’ve been trying to post to blogs and come up with new content but it take a lot of time! NOW I understand why I get all these weird comments on my blog too! Thank for the informative post.

    Best regards,

    • Don’t try to catch up in quantity, outdo in quality. Getting a link off of a FREAKING AWESOME website like this is a good first step, congrats.

  30. Interesting article and useful tip on getting rid of dog herpes! As for comment spamming wp sites, a complete waste of time either with scrapebox or any other spamming tool as comments are nearly always marked ‘no follow’? Most WP comment spam gets blocked by Askimet anyway.

  31. hey Grindstone! great blog and a good read man! followed your ideas on the 20k or so a month spams i get on a blogger blog and found some serious heavy hitting footprints. how long does it take you to extract thems link drop urls if you don’t mind sharing im just curious!?

    • Just depends, it’s kind of a “whenever I remember to do it” or “whenever I have server resources available” thing. I’ve actually found a much more powerful method, I think I’ll use all the spam comments on this blog for another tutorial when time allows.

  32. Awesome one… I was just wondering where all this shit comments are coming from, and now i got it… Kick there ass, so we can keep the web clean!… Thx dude!

  33. LOL! I actually enjoyed reading this, despite of being information over-load , the way you wrote got me going..

    dude can you teach me how to use scrape box :p?

    • Sure..

      Step 1: Buy sledgehammer.
      Step 2: Smash computer repeatedly.
      Step 3: ???
      Step 4: Profit

      Hope that helps…

  34. Awesome one… I was just wondering where all this shit comments are coming from, and now i got it… Kick there ass, so we can keep the web clean!… Thx dude!

  35. wow, seems lots of these spammers spamming my blogger blog use open/unsecure proxies.. thanks for the free proxies and free foot prints spammers love ya very much!

    • Almost didn’t approve it because you’re outing a trick (backtracing proxy neighborhoods) I currently use but wtf, value add for anybody that made it this far.

  36. Has it never occurred to anyone to actually plan, project manage and control an SEO campaign? You might even find the results surprising.

    • You might even find the results surprising.

      At least until the next black and white animal themed update. Zebra, Polar Bear & Albino Narwhal are going to be motherfuckers. Or so I heard…

  37. Lovely site I will bookmark it for further reading lol 🙂

    Yeah, I hate those lame ass spammers that put a line + link drop. I mean if you’re gonna use scrapebox at least put some time into writing long informative comments – and then make sure you use targeted keywords that get results that match your original comments!

  38. What do you think about buying auto approve lists from list brokers for ScrapeBox? If you can get 1,000’s of high PR comments on auto approve why not?

    Suppose it’s all about balance; take a bit of spam, add some manual high PR comments, a High PR Network or two and wow you’ve got your site ranking!

    • What do you think about…

      What do you think about buying a new calendar, that 2010 one you’re rocking is a little out of date.

  39. Pingback: Sac Longchamp pas cher
  40. So I actually used my real name, a legit email of mine, not my main email account, and am taking my valuable time to thank you for the epic compilation of comments, and the smart info article above.

    I really like how you showed your actual comments inbox and broke it down a bit.
    Bookmarked, and I’ll be getting to read the rest of your site some other time.

    Really appreciate it.
    Your commenting helped me the most. I was getting so damn bored of reading dry articles and text wall comments, something like mine.

    lmaooo I just saw.. Hue man bean Clicky click.. lol im dieing. Such an awesome admin. But i’m not man enough. Later.
    not srs, clicked.


    You aware?

    • I power scanned 600+ spam contents in hope of finding something worth responding to. This is as close as I got.

      All those default .dat footprints though, thanks gais!

  41. Mr Grindstone these are some pretty fucking useful tips. I’m learning the ropes of Scrapebox and Jacob King brought me here via his sweet guide..

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